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sewer line repair or installation

If you notice dirty water, low water pressure, or are getting clogs frequently you might have a sewer pipe that is damaged. Don't wait to repair a sewer line problem because it can spread throughout your plumbing and into your house.

One Leaky Pipe can Spread Throughout All of the Plumbing in Your House

One of our licensed experts will come out to inspect your plumbing with special equipment that can pinpoint the location of a damaged pipe. Once we know what the problem is we can replace the damaged pipe and have your home back to 100%. Don't wait and call today!

Sewer Line Inspections


The first step is noticing you have a problem with your sewers. Once you realize there is a problem with your plumbing you have to inspect the pipes to see where the problem is. We have special sewer cameras, and years of experience inspecting homes for sewer pipe issues. One of our licensed inspectors comes to your home and locates the problem. After you locate the problem you can make a plan for repair or replacement. Call today for a free estimate!

Man Fixing Pipe
Pipe Machining and Cutting

Texas Plumbing is licensed, insured, and we've helped with hundreds of sewer line repairs and installations. Having damaged sewer lines is a serious safety risk. Damaged sewers can lead to foundation problems in your home, leaks, mold, and various other problems you simply don't want to have. If you suspect a problem with your sewers give us a call today for a free estimate on repair. Inspectors are standing by to help. Read a good article on sewer line repair here for more info.

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