Gas Test

It’s imperative to have your gas lines checked annually. Getting your gas lines inspected and tested annually will ensure everyone’s safety.

Gas and Electric Water Heater Repairs 

If you notice rust, stains, leaks, or weird noises coming from your water heater it’s time to have it serviced, repaired, or replaced. We are water heater specialists.

Sewer Leak Detection

If your sewer line has gotten clogged more than twice this year it might have a break. We have to use a camera to inspect the house and find the break.

Install Faucet 

If your faucet has discoloration, leaks, or you simply want to upgrade, call today because if you buy one from us we will install it for free.

Install Shower 

Is your shower rusted or not working like it used to? Maybe you just want to upgrade the look of your bathroom. Texas Plumbing will have a new shower installed in no time!

Sewer Services

Your sewer is a vital part of your plumbing system. The sewer line flows the gray water into the city sewer system. Over time damage in your sewer line is a result of rusted and worn out fittings, tree roots, shifting soil, and corrosion. 

Rewater Pipe 

Galvanized pipes rust, burst, or get damaged due to reaching its life’s expectancy. Eventually any home that isn’t brand new will need some new pipes. We are Re-water pipe experts. If we re-pipe your house you get a free water heater!

Clogged Sewer Line

Have a kitchen sink and bathroom drain clogged? We are your one stop shop for sewer services. We utilize the best tools in the industry. Camera's, motorized snakes, and sewer machines.

Sewer Line Camera

If you need to inspect hard to reach pipes we can inspect your sewer line with the latest sewer camera on the market.

Gas Line Repairs

Gas leaks from damaged or incorrectly installed gas pipes can be a serious safety risk. Having your gas line inspected by a professional is important. Have your gas pipes inspected, and repaired or replaced by one of the pro’s at Texas Plumbing.

Kitchen Remodel 

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen be sure to call Texas Plumbing to install any plumbing appliances that require plumbing or gas. Proper installation can prolong the life of your appliances.

Tank-less Water Heater

Are you still using a huge tank as your water heater? Upgrade to a tank-less water heater. The newer models are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. We highly encourage doing what we can to save the environment so if you buy one from us, we will install it free. 

Sewer Line Repair or Installation

Call Texas Plumbing to take care of the job for you. You will need an experienced and licensed professional plumber to install a new sewer line.  

Install Sink

Does your sink have discoloration or leaks? Do you simply want to upgrade? If you buy from us we will install it for free!

Install Garbage Disposal 

Is your garbage disposal making weird noises or not working? Maybe you just want to upgrade to a better model. Call Texas Plumbing to install your garbage disposal.

Bathroom Remodel 

If you are looking to remodel your bathroom be sure to call us. We’ll make sure that your faucets, tubs, and showers are all installed correctly. Proper Installation can prolong the life of your fixtures.

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