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If your house is older than 50 years old your galvanized pipes have reached their life expectancy. Over the years water corrosion, roots, and all of the sewage running through your pipes might have damaged them. Freezing temperatures can damage pipes as well. If you notice dirty water, or low water pressure it's time to have your plumbing inspected. Chances are that you need to replace some pipes. 

Replacing One Pipe at a Time is a Waste of Time and Energy

Replacing the pipes underneath your home requires an excavator. You would also need a small team helping you lift those heavy pipes, and dig. This isn't a job for one person.

Once one pipe goes bad the others are sure to follow. Don't waste your time replacing one pipe at a time. It ends up costing more and takes much longer. Make the right choice and call us to inspect your main sewer line and pipes. If we find that a pipe underneath your home needs replacing we'll re-pipe your entire house for half the price of the other guy.

Interior, Drain, or Sewer Pipes


You've got pipes inside your walls and underneath your home. The pipes in your walls can be upgraded to the latest and greatest standard called PEX. These types of pipes don't crack, or break. PEX pipes can withstand freezing cold temperatures, or extreme heat way better than older galvanized or copper pipes. Contact us for more info on upgrading to PEX.

Water pipes PEX and mounting tools on th
Metal Pipe 2
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Re-piping a house requires special tools, equipment, licenses, and know-how. This is no job for a beginner. We've got all of the tools, equipment, and a team standing by to handle any re-pipe job. Every pipe, fitting, and seal is installed to the specifications of the Board of Plumbing guidelines. Click here to read the blog post.

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