Re-piping Your Home

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Old PIpe
Old Pipe

If your home was built in the 50s the pipes underneath your home have reached their life expectancy. Brown water, or low water pressure are sure signs that you need to replace some pipes underneath your home. Flaking, dimpling, cracks, or corrosion are all normal for pipes that are old. They need to be replaced. Texas Plumbing sends out licensed professional inspectors to inspect plumbing daily. It's what we do.

The newest standard in plumbing pipes is PEX. These types of pipes are able to withstand the elements much better than their older predecessors. If we find that you need to replace a pipe underneath your home we will put in a new PEX pipe. PEX pipes are guaranteed to last.

Changing the pipes underneath your home requires heavy equipment like excavators, digging teams, licensing, permits, and is no job for a beginner. If one pipe has gone bad the rest of them are sure to follow. That's why we recommend re-piping your entire home when you notice one pipe go bad. With heavy equipment on site, and a team we don't see the point in having to come back again and again to change one pipe at a time. It's extra work, and you would save money by having us re-pipe the entire house the first time.

Texas Plumbing makes it easy on you as a customer to re-pipe your home. We'll re-pipe your entire house for half the price of the other guy. If you want to change just one pipe that's ok too. Give us a call if you notice brown water, leaks, or low water pressure. An inspector will come buy to diagnose the issue and setup a plan of action to get your plumbing back to 100%. Broken pipes or leaks are a serious health and safety risk. We are here to help!

Pex pipes
New PEX Pipes

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