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Prepare for freezing temperatures with the following tips

Fill up bathtubs, and have a spare supply of water to flush, shower, etc.

  1. Cut off the main water to the house; it's best to cut off at the meter, located by the curb or side of the house.

  2. Open all water faucets overnight to relieve the pressure and drain the water left in pipes.

  3. Your backflow preventer, it has two valves, you want to Turn those two valves off, use a flat head screwdriver to relieve pressure.

  4. Wrap exterior pipes making a barrier from wind with insulation/towels/blankets, and use tape to secure.

  5. Keep home warm by keeping your central heating on and opening your cabinet doors, and attic to allow the heat to flow to your water lines.

  6. If you have a spare heating blanket/towels/insulation, you would want to wrap it around your main water supply.

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