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Occupancy Permits

Before a building or business can be opened up to the public it needs to be inspected for safety. Once it has passed all health and safety checks it can be deemed "occupiable". Texas Plumbing can help with gas or plumbing inspections. Inspections happen annually once a year. If your building fails to pass an inspection, it can be closed to the public until repairs are completed.

What Happens If I Fail the Inspection?

If your business fails the inspection then you will have to make repairs. Once you have made all repairs that are needed the inspector comes back and gives you a green tag. The green tags mean that you have passed your yearly inspection and you can be open to the public for business. If you continue to run your business without passing all inspections the government can shut you down or make you pay hefty fines.

How Can Texas Plumbing Help?

Texas Plumbing is licensed to do inspections, repairs, and we can even get you the green tags needed to reopen your business. We are a one stop shop. Give us a call for your yearly plumbing and gas inspection. If you pass the inspection then you have nothing to worry about and can continue business as normal. If you fail an inspection we will do the repairs, and get you the green tags ourselves! We've helped countless businesses get up to code. Call today for a licensed pro come out and inspect your building. Whether it be a residential or commercial property we can help.

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