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install garbage disposal

We all have heard it before. The deafening snap crackle pop of something like a shot glass being demolished by your garbage disposal. Over time accidents like these can damage your garbage disposal. Newer models are more energy efficient and longer lasting. Get in contact with us and we can inspect, service, repair, or replace your garbage disposal.

Upgrade to A Garbage Disposal with More HP

We highly recommend upgrading your garbage disposal to a newer model. They are more energy efficient and are able to handle more hard use than older models. Call today and we can have a new garbage disposal installed fast! Call for a free estimate.

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Texas Plumbing is licensed, insured, and we've installed and repaired countless garbage disposals. If you notice your disposal making weird noises or you suspect something is wrong with it give us a call. We can inspect, repair, or replace your garbage disposal. Texas Plumbing will haul away your old one and have it disposed of according to the Board of Plumbing guidelines. If you want to purchase your own garbage disposal here is a list of some good ones. We can professionally install the garbage disposal of your choice.

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