Gas Test

Call Texas Plumbing for your occupancy annual gas test. We’ll send out a professional plumbing technician to check for the correct pressure. We’ll also identify and repair any leaks, or damage. We are licensed gas test experts.

New Construction Plumbing Bid

Texas Plumbing is your one stop shop for new construction plumbing needs. Many companies came to us for their new construction plumbing needs. Plumbing bids on site and preliminary blueprint bids. No job too big or too small. 

Sewer Line Camera

If you need to inspect hard to reach pipes, we can inspect your sewer line with the latest sewer camera on the market.

Drinking Water Fountain Installations

Satisfy your clients with the luxury of a bottle filler water fountain. Upgrade the look and feel of your business with a beautiful fountain!

Grease Trap Clean Outs and Replacements

We’ll cut concrete and remove the old grease trap and replace it with a new one. It catches grease, and dirty sink water. This is essential routine maintenance in restaurants. We’ll have it done fast!  

Medical Gas 

Are you a Dentist or Clinic that needs plumbing done for medical machinery? Look no further because we are med gas masters. Many huge businesses chose us for their med gas needs.

Faucet Installations 

Call today for us to install a faucet for your business. Upgrading the look of your bathroom is a great way to keep your customer satisfied. A clean, and presentable bathroom says everything about your business.

Install Sink

If your sink has discoloration, leaks, or you simply want to upgrade, call today because if you buy one from us, we will install it for free.

Drain Installations 

Call today for us to install drains for your business. Don’t go through the embarrassment of having a clog.

Gas Line Installation 

We can run brand new gas lines, or replace old ones for your business.

Toilet and Urinal Installations 

Call today for us to install a toilet and urinal for your business. No business should have toilets that don’t work, or have stains. It’s just not pretty.

Gas and Electric Water Heaters 

No business should be without hot water. We will service or replace a water heater for your business whether they are gas or electric.

Backflow Preventer 

A backflow preventer is a safety device to keep dirty water out of your drinking water. At Texas Plumbing safety is number 1. Have a pro at Texas Plumbing upgrade you to a new backflow.

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