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Texas Plumbing is a family owned and operated
plumbing company located in Houston, Texas. We
specialize in residential and commercial plumbing
services, and gas installations. Certified in Medical
Gas, Vacuum, Air, Nitrous Oxide services, and
installations. Support your local Houston business.
Licensed and insured. Call or message us today for a
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Our Staff

You are in the best hands with Texas Plumbing. Our employees have 20+ years in plumbing experience. We train our plumbers to strive and excel in their career with Texas Plumbing. From apprentice, to journeyman supervised and trained by the Master Plumber.

Quality Work

Texas Plumbing executes every plumbing job with pride. We fix the plumbing issue right the first time, and educate our clients on plumbing maintenance. We offer a 1 year warranty on plumbing fixture installations, and honor the extended warranty from the manufacturers.

Texas Plumbing Van

Gas / Electric Tank type or Tankless Water Heater

Is your water not hot enough? does your tank heater have rust, leaks, or making weird noises? If so you need a new water heater.
We are water heater specialists. Buy a water heater from us and we install it for free! Gas / Electric Tank type or Tankless Water Heater. Commercial and Residential

Gas-fired boiler


Re-water pipe your house in PEX.

Was your house built in the 1950’s? Cast iron pipes have reached their life expectancy.
The calcium deposits lead to low water pressure, dirty water, clogging, and leaks. It's time to re-water pipe your house. PEX is the most cost effective, long lasting, latest and greatest water pipes. We insulate our PEX pipes to make it energy efficient. Let us do this for you and get a free water heater on us!

Water pipes PEX and mounting tools on th


Occupancy Plumbing Permit for Gas test, and all plumbing services. Has the city red tagged your plumbing violations? The city will inspect your business periodically to ensure your safety. We are saving business owners
money every day. Permit and city inspections included. We will get you the green tag.


Faucet and Flushing Deals.

We now have touchless faucets and toilets. The newer model touchless fixtures are more energy efficient and safe. Contact us for more info on going touchless. Safety is important to us so If you buy one from us we will install it for free.


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